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Tellllll meeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Published on March 16, 2004 By Theophilus Thistler In Life Journals
I was just mowing the lawn today and ponderingly pondering a few things... One was "Why am I such a perfectionist at times?"

For example... I have been in the process of restoring my car for near on 12 months now. It still isn't finished to my liking and there is still a little way to go. Also... the lawn looks like it has been prepped for a reality television show. It looks a pretty picture. I snipped, pruned, mowed, weeded and groomed for over half the day today. We don't have a huge yard or anything, but I sure did spend plenty of time getting it just right. I put that down to me just being me. Not a lot I can do about it. It's not like it's a disgusting habit or anything...

Another point I pondered was "Why do I blog?"

I came to the conclusion that the main reason was for me to work things out in my head. To put my thoughts and experiences "down on paper" so to speak, read them through a little and maybe come back to them later after i've given it some more thought. I also use it as a diary to log my week-to-week dealings so I don't forget stuff. A memory box to return to some day. A veritable treasure trove!

I also post photos and trinkets of information for friends to check out that I think are really cool, but my blog is pretty much all for me. A little selfish indulgence. I welcome feedback, but it isn't essential to my bloggings.

What I want to know is... Why do YOU blog?

Is it because you want everyone to know everything about you? Do you need your ego stroked daily? Are you a shameless self promoter? To you use it for evil? For good or for awesome? Do you have no idea at all? Is it totally random? Do you hope to meet like-minded people through it or is it the only place that people take you seriously?

I'm kinda hoping that it's none of these and that you will surprise me with something from left field.

Do tell...


on Mar 16, 2004
i'm a social outcast in real life who has no friends... so i blog here, feeling free to be myself, and apparently there are people here who don't mind that.

oh, and it's good for my ego

oh, and I like to make people think

oh, and I enjoy reading other people's stuff and commenting on it...

alright, so the main reason is because this is one of the few places left in the world where it's ok to talk about religion, politics, and a hundred other topics that are considered taboo in most places. I get the impression that the people here care more about the things in life that really 'mean' something than they do about how fast their car can go, how 'fly' their wardrobe is, how much money they make, how much they can drink, or any number of other silly things that I see people around me worrying about. JoeU is a haven for people who look and think deeper than the average joe... oops... that kinda defeats the purpose of the site name when I put it like that, huh?

or maybe that's all just my perception... who knows?
on Mar 16, 2004
I do it for the people and the expression.

And btw, this isn't the first article by this name. I'd find the other one and put up a link but I don't remember when or by whom it was written.

on Mar 16, 2004
You always seem to come up with a good answer. I blog to test out ideas and because I can write about things that are important. I have learned how to do small talk, but I find it boring. I spend a lot of time with recovering addicts and enjoy their company, but I like to talk about politics, religion--with those who disagree with me, and matters of the heart, etc. I like this site because it is moderated and because the arguments are so intense. I wish people would agree more. But that would make it boring.

on Mar 17, 2004
I've thought about why I blog before and there are a couple of reasons. I'd like to think that I do it for me, just to get my thoughts out. I write about things I sometimes don't get time to talk about in depth with people. I also think I use it as a sounding board for some issues -- read the comments and see what others think about what I've written. A big part of why I blog though is just to practise writing. I like experimenting with different styles, working out the best way to express something and just having fun with words. It seems to be the perfect medium and genre for me. One thing with my blog though is that I want it to reflect the real me and I hate it when I realise I'm saying something -- or not saying something -- because I know the people who are going to read it and I want them to think about me a certain way. That's why my blog is often an intermittent thing, depending on where I am with people and myself at the time.
on Mar 17, 2004
At first, it was a writing experiment... up until this point, I had never been able to keep much of a personal writing thing going. My experience to date has been with essays, newspaper columns, and plays. Now, I'm just hooked on the format, the people, and the varying topics of debate. Mind you, there's a shitload of things (okay, maybe certain people) that bother me about it, but not enough to up and quit. The good far outweighs the bad.
on Mar 17, 2004
Dan is correct that this was posted once before. I came to archive articles for research I do on conspiracy-history-news. I also found a need for someone to refute the 'Bush is a demi-God' position which was prevalent when I first came here. That battle is well-joined now and I step aside often to let the other 'reasonable' people reply to such delusions. [baiting here]

It gets to be a place to talk to people who hold similar or controversial views. Like other replies, I find the trivia of the average everyday talk gets to be a drag and I can come here and kick it with competent crowds. It's also for 'mental masturbation' at times and I come to get on Brad, an owner (he is now deleting some of my replies ha,ha he loses), and those who are just itching for a reply.

I also want to see how this goes in the months before the election, as there is an angle to blogging which has not manifested yet but will soon if I'm correct.

Blog ON.
on Mar 17, 2004
To see My name plastered all over the Internet.

It gives the illusion of fame.

on Mar 17, 2004
I'm writing because I think I have one hell of an interesting story to tell!!!

If I were someone else I would definitely get off reading my stuff. Although I haven't really posted anything besides my welcome so far. That's okay, they'll get off reading what ever else I write!!

-Confessions Queen
on Jul 30, 2004
I blog cuz I'm bored and wanna share my boring life with the world.