Catch up on the escapades of the Sunshine Coast's most notorious soft toy. Don't let the soft, hand-knitted exterior fool you. This monkey is full of vengeance, hatred and could strangle you with his tail. He also likes Pina Coladas and walks in the rain.

I had a great day today. I was trying to sleep for most of the daylight hours but constant encouraging SMS messages and electricians installing air conditioners kept waking me up. No matter. It was a great surprise this afternoon to find that my brother had invited a few friends over for a BBQ tonight. Not everyone that I wished could attend was able to.. some didn't even know about it until I found out myself and rang them. Still... the ones that could come made me feel spesh and gave me some hilarious cards to boot!

I got a few presents like a crazy puzzle toy and a new leather wallet as well as some cash from my parents to specifically spend on my car when the need arises. I was hoping for a nice, big, thick and juicy steak with some garlic potatoes and a few premium and imported beers for dinner and that's exactly what I got! There were also some chicken kebabs, a few flavoured sausages, a multitude of salads, a huge pavlova topped with cream and melted chocolate and caramel fudge to pig out on. I definitely did that!

As Tegan said, "There is nothing for me to be depressed about.... I'm only 25... There are soooo many more awesome things in store for me..." And she's right. The crappy part of my life is over. No more wasting time with useless things like constant partying and dead-end jobs. No more battles with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I have so much more to live for.

It's not just me against the world anymore... It's me with my God and my friends/family, helping each other (and others everywhere) to have a more enjoyable existence. I think life was just meant to be this way. It just feels so right.

A few photographs from the 25th anniversary celebration of my birth.... (Birthday pics)


On a different tangent for a sec... Now that I'm leaving 'home' again, two things have happened that I wont be able to take much advantage of. 1) Today we had the installation of our split-system reverse-cycle air conditioning completed. It gets damn hot at this house in summer. My primary school also had air conditioning installed the year that I started high school. 2) My dial-up internet connection has gone from an abysmal 28.8k-31.2kbps connection speed up to a fairly decent 50.6kbps. Trust Telstra to upgrade the exchange NOW! Don't they know it's cruel to tease?

If you can't remember the past, you are condemned to repeat it.

Goodnight! Zzzzzz....


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