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Pondering about myself...
Published on May 4, 2004 By Theophilus Thistler In Blogging
I put this in a comment to someone else's blog just before...

"I'm pretty guilty about second guessing what I should post about and how I should word what I say. Sometimes it's because I don't really want to offend people and other times I think some things I think about are totally uninteresting to others. This is weird to admit because I do blog for myself to analyse my thoughts but I do spend a lot of time thinking about people other than myself. I'm just like that. I also don't want to be misunderstood when I write and if I chop and change what I've written too much, it doesn't really have the same flavour by the end of the article."

It's funny how you know certain things about yourself, but it's not until you write them down or someone tells you they have noticed something about you that it begins to make more sense because you look at yourself from a different perspective. Or something like that anyway.

I know what I mean... I hope you do too.

Today is the second day of the rest of my life!

on May 04, 2004
It is exactly this aspect of the environment here at JU that lured me into blogging in the first place:)
on May 04, 2004
I've been blogging real things for a long time. When i'm on I like to lash out at the politically extreme posts.
I've grown into a culture to hate those that are involved deeply in partisan politics. But God it feels so good to do so

There might be something wrong here, I don't smile this hard normally. But I laugh hysterically at some of the things said on this site. So I'm a completely different person here. But you can see my true persona in some of my posts that are more directed to a general audience.

And thats my blogging mask.
on May 04, 2004
I try really hard to not wear a blogging mask. I try to communicate here the same way I do normally. I am sure I fall into the trap of wearing a mask sometimes, but really, really try not to, and hope that I come across as authentic.

Good article.
on May 04, 2004

I'm me, here and elsewhere.  No mask.

Unfortunately (?) what you see/read is what you get.

on May 04, 2004
Hey, I'm just thanking you for some of the comments you've recently left on my blog.

It's always good to hear someone enjoys your writing.

Don't believe anyone; we all have blogging masks. We all have real life masks too. I know I'm gonna get totally bashed for saying that, but hey, look at me care.

on May 04, 2004

Don't believe anyone; we all have blogging masks. We all have real life masks too.

Perhaps in your corner of the universe you do, but that's not the case in mine.

on May 05, 2004
I'm as honest as I have to be. I do censor what I write, only because I know that there is another real person who just wrote what I was responding to and I wouldn't want them to be hurt by words that I didn't mean to use unwisely.

I don't see the point in blogging while wearing a mask... actually, that goes for real life as well.
on May 05, 2004
It's not as though I change my persona or anything but sometimes I just find I can be a little full-on and give away too much information if I type EXACTLY how I feel. If I edit what I type too much, it then sounds very generalised and boring.. sometimes ignorant.

I don't really know... hrmm... There have been several occasions where I have thought about writing a totally anonymous blog where I could be SO brutally honest with everything and maybe write a few songs... perhaps some poems. Then I think... maybe not.

When it boils down to it.. I hate to lie and never want to have to hide absolutely anything.
on May 05, 2004
I filter what I say here, but I do that in real life, too.  Just because you are not posting your raw thoughts doesn't mean that you are wearing a mask.