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Published on May 12, 2004 By Theophilus Thistler In Blogging
Can anyone please tell me how on earth my rank can improve by two places over a day or so while my points stay the same?

I have navigated about the site a bit, but I haven't commented on anything. I'm at a loss to describe it.

on May 12, 2004
While your points stayed the same, don't you think that someone with a higher rank than you might have lost some to time, trolling, etc? Seems the most likely explanation to me.
on May 12, 2004

*nods in agreement with Dev*

Someone elses points changed, and you reaped the benefit of that.

on May 13, 2004
Of course Don't know why I didnt think of it...
on May 15, 2004
orrrr..... it could just be my uber coolness affecting the system... the system is down, the system is down...