Catch up on the escapades of the Sunshine Coast's most notorious soft toy. Don't let the soft, hand-knitted exterior fool you. This monkey is full of vengeance, hatred and could strangle you with his tail. He also likes Pina Coladas and walks in the rain.
Published on May 25, 2004 By Theophilus Thistler In Blogging

Yes. It's true. I am currently in a deep slumber as I type this telepathically with my "Luke Skywalker Style" ninja skillz.


Some things about me and stuff at the mo....

I have a job. It's grood. 

My car is almost ready. It likes to spend all my money.

Marshmellows are great when toasted with love or dunked in coffee.

All green jelly beans are gross.

I found out that Trinitie is posting again. Yay! has some new stuff.

Theophilus Thistler may actually be a spider-human hybrid



on May 25, 2004
I was restricted access you had to get permission or something - that was weird!!

I see what you mean about feel uninspired - and I feel you're wrong - Allens green jelly beans are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! (all allens jellybeans are great - i could write a whole blog about them)
on May 25, 2004
i'm explosive! are you surprised?

marshmallows rock... cars rock... jobs rock... homestarrunner rocks off the scales

have a grood day!
on May 25, 2004
Trina - Well... green Allen's JBs are kind of passable... but the green Natural Confectionary Co. JBs that we had on Sunday night were poo. They mostly got thrown in the fire. The rest I happily devoured.

trina-p & Teegstar get the same results on that site... capitalisation makes a difference as well. Muck around and check out the different results.

Teegstar - Not surprised at all I actually thought you might pick the result you get from "Teegstar" but the explosive one was my second fave. You should try entering "teegs" into the generator. ROFLMAO!