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Published on August 1, 2004 By Theophilus Thistler In Blogging
Well... I just commented on Mugz' latest article.

Like I said, it's kinda strange when you voice inner opinions or give insight to your psyche that would probably otherwise be unnoticed by possibly even your closest friends. But then again... this is really what I started blogging again for. To learn more about myself and maybe bounce a few things off other people.

I've said this to a few people recently but I didn't really mean it... I was just getting bored some nights... but I'm really getting sick of not having my own computer within 100km of my nightly lodgings. I might just be a total nerd with a co-dependancy on technology, but I'm also missing writing blogs when I feel the need from a co-dep nerd perspective.

I also wouldn't mind doing research on things like jobs, new places for me to live, new business ideas, places to go overseas on holiday and catching up on Mr Bad and the crew from at will. I guess what I really want is a place of my own that I can call home. A place I can invite my friends over for DVDs, coffee, noisy jam sessions and impromptu knitting marathons without having to wonder if I should ask permission first or if i'll wake some poor soul up.

It's real nice where I am at the moment. The people I'm staying with are probably in the top five of the coolest parentals I've had the chance to meet in the last few years. After one week, I seem to have gained 'adopted son' status, the love of the budgie and a tolerance to the cat's usual allergy induced ills. Not to mention two new pairs of shoes, but I bought those myself. Today.

I helped put on a music festival of sorts over the weekend. It was a fair bit of work, and I'm kinda glad it's all over, but I've never done something like that before and I think I could see myself doing it again sometime. Maybe a heap more! I learnt a lot and got to meet some really choice peeps and hear some wickedly talented musicians. But just about the best thing of all was that I wasn't stressed anywhere near as much as I possibly could have been leading up to the day. That was almost entirely due to me handing my concerns and troubles over to Big Daddy JC and have Him take it where He wanted it.

I really feel like writing a lot more... but it's late... and somehow I think this just might not be the place....

What's that I hear coming round the corner? Who cares! Bring it on!


on Aug 06, 2004
I'm just addicted to alllll of your posts !. They are so sardonic yet eerily engrossing. Anyway keep up the good work !.

P.S. I was just wondering how is that ailment of yours... you know how you felt tired and sleepy all the time.... did you find out what it was ?

on Aug 09, 2004
I dont think they've developed any 12 step recovery programs to help with that kind of addiction yet. I hope you find a remedy soon.

Regarding that ailment... A good friend mentioned a while ago that it might be because I was spending too much time socialising and not enough time catching up on sleep after the weekends, leading to me eventually being run down. I'd have to say that was probably the cause. Well... that.. and the nasty habit I have of walking laps of the block in my sleep....

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