Catch up on the escapades of the Sunshine Coast's most notorious soft toy. Don't let the soft, hand-knitted exterior fool you. This monkey is full of vengeance, hatred and could strangle you with his tail. He also likes Pina Coladas and walks in the rain.
It's been done before, I know, but why don't you do it? And no cheating now!
Published on August 23, 2004 By Theophilus Thistler In Music
Final Score: 108.5


I made a few silly mistakes... and some were just a bit too vague for me to guess... but I'm happy with the result.

on Aug 23, 2004
psst Wayne -- this same article is one the features page
on Aug 23, 2004

I never read the Features :-/ My bad. I always access blogs through Recent Articles, my links and the links on my friends pages to other bloggers' blogs etc.

I'd better pop over to chiprj's blog and add my $0.02..
on Aug 28, 2004