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Published on January 22, 2004 By Theophilus Thistler In Current Events
Strong Bad!!! ur are a funy guy!

I made a promise and now I'm delivering. An EXCLUSIVE EXPOSÉ that could quite possibly save... A WORLD in CRISIS!

Back in my pizza delivery days, when I used to spend almost all my spare time on the internet or driving around in my car, I was sent this Shockwave file from a friend over IRC (Internet Relay Chat for those not in the know). It was called fhqwhgads.swf and I was met with a range of emotions from confusion and bewilderment, to surprise and fascination. Who was this "Fhqwhgads" anyway? Who was the guy doing that cool voiceover and dishing out the fat (or PHAT, depending on your heritage) beats? What I stumbled upon here? It was all strange and exciting! Like seeing your first stick mag on the top shelf of a newsagent or opening presents as a very young kid. Not quite sure what it was but I had to have some more.

I checked out the song a few more times and noticed Strong Bad seemed to be the artist. I Googled around for a little while and found a few newsgroup posts raving about how cool this Strong Bad person was. It seemed he was the one in the wrestling mask, tight leather pants and boxing gloves. No shirt. Not being a big fan of wrestling, I wasn't too sure. But he had me intrigued. I finally found a link to his web page and got to work checking out a bunch of his email replies from supposed fans all over the world. The latest email at the time was japanese cartoon. What a cack! With my littlest brother right into DragonballZ, I knew just how cheesy and bizarre Japanese cartoons, dubbed in English, could be. It was all so well done and hilarious. That was it. I was hooked.

This is Strong Bad. In the flesh, so to speak. 

His song, Everybody To The Limit (#1 Hit of the Summer) has had regular prime-time JJJ airplay. Mostly due to Mel & Charlie's weekday afternoon show.

Now i'm not 100% sure about this but I reckon that, if Max: TMMMoM and Strong Bad were ever to meet, they would get on like a house on fire. Most probably literally. Their chaotic personalities and apparent fetishes with other peoples misfortunes would all come together to spawn one of the most formidable duos in history. Well that's what I think anyways.

Strong Bad, along with a crew of insane and quirky cast members, family and neighbours, manages to have me in stitches almost every time he dishes out his trademark goods. Below are most of the other characters involved in this series that has developed almost world-wide cult status in most parts of the Internet community....

This is Homestar Runner. He is the creator of the website which hosts and features Strong Bad's Email. Homestar thinks that everyone comes to the site to see him. We, the viewers, and Strong Bad all know better.

This is The Cheat. He doesn't say much, but when he does you don't understand him anyway. If it's important, SB will usually translate or you could be lucky and get sub-titles. Strong Bad's best friend and eccentrically maniacal pimp-daddy side-kick in the making.

This is Strong Mad. He's usually angry about something. He isn't very smart and his growly voice makes it very hard to understand him. Strong Mad is still cool though.

This is Strong Sad. The whimpiest of three brothers and constant source of amusement to Strong Bad, Strong Mad and The Cheat. Loaning things that are never returned, whining about the lack of night at night-time and how he doesn't like food anymore or being pelted with basketballs while blindfolded. All in a days humiliation for this lugubrious goth.

This is Marzipan, Homestar's supposed girlfriend. She's 'smarter' than most of the others. Why she doesn't dump his ass is beyond me. The group's token female. The epitome of stereo-typical roles in the series, IMHO. Folk singing, hippie-chick guitar player with an obsession with screening all her calls. You should check out her Answering Machine sometime.  

This is the King of Town. Lovingly known as King or K.O.T. If this is the King, then Strong Bad must be the self-appointed Prime Minister. No daily formalities here! Demolishing four litres of Choc-o-Casserole ice cream and a six-pak of Butter-Da for afternoon tea is more than enough for this guy.

This is Bubs. He works in retail as a concession stand operator. He is the owner, proprietor and namesake of, you guessed it, Bubs' Concession Stand. He could be selling you his "50¢ Lunchtime Special" of some hot Buffalo Wing Bones and a half-eaten candy bar or charging people to wait in line. Either way, he'll be makin' a buck some how. 

This is Coach Z. Great Jorb!

Known as the Poop-Smith, he's an expert on.... poop. He smells and can throw a mean cherry bomb. A silent hero? More like an S.B.D. in an elevator.

This is Pom-Pom. The techno-savvy yuppie friend of everyone. He drops in every now and again, selflessly loaning his PDA, mobile phone or bleeding-edge tech-toy to friends in need, and is always of a 'bubbly' disposition. *AHEM*

We love Trogdor because he is Trogdor: The Burninator. Wanton destruction of peasants and the surrounding medieval countryside is his forte.


More on some of my favourite episodes later.. Stay Tuned.

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on Jan 22, 2004
LOL! I understand now ~grins~ and who is the voice? Sounds like a mix between a Teamster, an italian and a french person LMAO