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I'm a bit peeved today about this country's judicial system. I often am surprised and angered to hear how someone got away almost scot-free for drink-driving while in control of a bus full of school children or that someone tripped and fell into a bus shelter and is charged with violent behaviour and damage to public property or some crap like that. The decisions some Judges make truly amazes me. But today I was plain ticked off!

On the weekend, at Heaven Nightclub in Adelaide, five females and one male were taken to hospital with suspected drug overdoses. The one male seems to be victim of an unrelated incident. Now this isn't really much out of the ordinary for any capital city in the country over a weekend, but four of the five females were under legal drinking age. The other is aged 20.

Instantly I am annoyed for a number of reasons. 1) How the hell did FOUR 16 year old females get let into a nightclub together? Was the bouncer blind? 2) Who the heck sells a bucket load of ecstasy to school kids? 3) What kind of irresponsible idiot is this 20yr old anyway who seems to have been the chauffeur of the group or something?

But then, after listening intently for a little while to the article, I find out that these girls had fake ID's and they seem to be hunting the maker of the ID cards like a murderer instead of the malicious monster who made/sourced/sold this bad ecstasy... apparently who is also not old enough to vote. They want the offender tried as an adult for making the ID cards, which carries a 10yr jail term. A minor can commit murder and not be prosecuted... but make a few ID cards for a nice night out on the town using your Dad's expensive colour laser or overlay printer and you get 10 years in the slammer with freaks that will mess you up for life. Absolutely ridiculous.

Fake ID cards have been produced ever since there were age restrictions in place and not a lot, besides confiscation of cards from the minors themselves and a kick in the pants to send you on your way, has been done about it. You can even take your older mates birth cert. and a few other choice important details down to your local R.T.A. or Queensland Transport office, tell them you lost your licence or 18+ Card, and get a 'legit' card made up for you right there on the spot. The South Oz Premier, Mike Rann, is currently campaigning heavily to have the law changed to put children to trial as adults over fraudulent ID Card production. I think they should take a good look at themselves before trying a minor as an adult.

I have no trouble with guilty parties being convicted with offences proven to be committed by them but, on the other hand, if they aren't hurting anyone by what they are doing then why don't you just leave them alone? Direct your efforts toward violent (sex) offenders, murderers and thieves why don't you? I believe some things should be nationally de-criminalised, maybe even legalised, not just in one state, and fines and penalties for most traffic offences should be reduced with advanced driver training becoming compulsory for absolutely everybody. Education, not penalisation, is the key here.

I guess this is disturbing me so much because I used to be involved in things like this so I can almost vividly identify with the victims and, to a very small degree, the offenders. But what sort of agenda are these people following to be focussed on the apparent lesser of two evils? I just don't understand.

Let me know if there are any laws you think are crazy, under-rated, over-policed or have penalties set too high or something. Also, if you know of any court decisions that were way too weak or just obtusely ridiculous, please let me know. What really twists your nipple about the laws in your part of the world?

At least we have free speech and a distinct lack of terrorist activity here in Australia. I might go listen to some Pennywise or something.

on Feb 11, 2004
Oh man... i agree with you 100%

a law that really pisses me off is also related to this issue.

16 year old girls get into clubs... you pick them up on the premise that they are 18, because obviously, you have to be 18 to get into a club...

you go home, get your groove on, and you can be done for Statutory Rape!!!!!!!! the only way you cant be done for stat. rape is if you conduct said promiscuous activity within the club...

so if you see any hot chicks in a club, and the oppurtunity presents itself to get busy... If she looks a bit on the younger side - make sure do it withing the confines of the club!!!
on Feb 11, 2004
How about this Muggaz, don't do it with anyone you don't know well enough to know how old they are! Spoken like a Mom eh?
on Feb 11, 2004
Hehe.. i dont... and never will...

It just aggreives me to know that is the case...
on Feb 22, 2004
I have since found out that they arrested the guy responsible for dealing the ecstasy... a 21 year old from Melbourne. They got him a few days after it happened. Damn the media hype!
on Feb 22, 2004
There are whole pages of ridiculous laws in different places, mostly just legacy legislation. Like... you can't wear slippers after 10pm in NY.