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Published on September 7, 2005 By Theophilus Thistler In Life Journals
Well Hello There!

I'm alive and have to work in 4 hours but things could never have been better. Ever, I think.

I got my hair cut last tuesday by a gorgeous girl named Emily. I was in the salon over three hours. We spoke for most of that. It was the easiest conversation I'd had with a stranger, ever. And this was a girl. And this was my vision of reality perfection. Absolutely beautiful.

Black haired beauty, alt/indie princess who (because she is a world class hairdresser) has a funky ass short cut 'do' which is now sporting a sexalicious bright textured orange colour scheme. She has these gorgeous, cheeky and sharp eyes that give you the sexiext raise of the eyebrows you've ever seen and when she's excited you cant help but love those big bright brown blinkers! She has the cutest little button nose that is very prone to being smooched, fairy and butterfly kissed. Her lips just say kiss me! So full and soft looking with this perfect cartoon heronie like shape to them. And they don't disappoint either! So sweet and soft! Feels like marshmellows, tastes like chocolate.

And I mistake her for an uber-pixie-cute Missy Higgins ALL the TIME! I have this black combat hat with a shape similar to a brown one Missy is wearing in a pull page promo shot in this street mag I have and when she wears it... man. The striking resemblance makes for tremblance! And she tells me she's learning accoustic guitar too!

She is about 5ft 4 I think. The perfect height for snuggling into my neck/collar/chest area for the bestest cuddles ever! She isn't skinny but no way is she overdoing it either. Her skin is so soft and velvety. All that is needed to complete the perfect, in-reality version, quirky, funny, gorgeous, kick-ass, mad skillz, awesome nerd girl is the glasses. And by conversation indications today, they may not be far away.... *guiltyw00t!*

The rest i'll leave up to your imagination because you've had a lot of what sounds like my imagination... only it isn't. I find it had to believe either. Both her and I have always believed that things happen for a reason. Like meeting her over two months ago and finding out I could get a cheap haircut but never following it up. Turns out she's been single about a month now. When we met up after the haircut on the Thursday at the R.E. I was nervous as hell for the first hour or so waiting for her. When she turned up at 9pm, 2hrs after I got there and most of my mates had turned up from work to celebrate a birthday, I was feeling very comfortable and in-the-zone. I wasn't drunk though and my mates couldn't believe the best behaviour I was on so the figured I must have been serious. I didn't even realise it.

You see, nothing I have done ever since meeting her has really been an effort. I have never tried to look cool, never tried to talk myself up, never really had to second-guess what I had to say and never be short of something to say! It's like worlds collide. Two crazy funky munkees, blissed and happy as can be. Romeo and Juliette, only with overextended lifespans, healthy doses of adrenaline, punk rock and dorky cool.

I've always tried a bit too hard. There is no try. Only do and do not. And he who hesitates is lost. Be yourself and if it's right, shit'll kick along fine! That's right! Don't change and if it's right, it'll happen! And it's freaking mind-blowing!

It took me four and a half years to find her and i'll be a dead man if I ever let go. Did I say that? How can this be so? We met 8 Days ago.

HELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! d

You would not believe the realisations and feelngs I had tonight. She blows my mind. I don't know how I stay such a gentleman all the time with all the Super Insano Crazy Insane Party - Pants Style. But I've reasoned it out a million times and both my head and heart say YES! I think my Mum is even convinced.

Guys.... little help to see through the love goggles? Please?

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on Sep 07, 2005

Congradulations!  She sounds fun; if anything, you'll be entertained!

I recently had a run-in with serendipity, myself.  I met this beautiful guy on the train from Fort Worth to Dallas.  Well, I actually didn't meet him; I sat next to him and we exchanged shy smile for a half-hour.  Before he got off, though, I handed him my phone number with the oh so cool line, "Uh, in case you need a bookmark."  Hahahha

He called though, and we are now dating, so life is fun!

*music begins*

"Love is in the air, everywhere I look around."


on Sep 07, 2005
Why thank you! She sounds just like me Entertained? I'm over the moon!

That's some pretty smooth moves there, Trin! I would have fallen in love with you on the spot using a finishing move like that on an introductory meeting! hehehe... I like the exclamation mark at the mo! Any girl that grabs my attention by breaking the so-called 'rules' like that deserves mad props in my book!

Oooohhh yeah... I've had music cranking thru my brain reminding me of her constantly for the last 3 days... it's insanely entertaining

It's so good to hear from you Miss G! I thought everyone would have forgotten me by now :-/

Life is a cool mango and honey lavender icecream on a hot day. Sweet-as! Attacking all of your senses at once and sending you into bliss...

Thanks Trinite!!! Take care! *hugs*
on Sep 07, 2005
you're a kook!

congratulations - and you owe me a story.
on Sep 08, 2005
Ah, the thrill of new love. Isn't it fan-freakin-tastic?

Good luck w/your chick, and keep us posted....
on Sep 11, 2005
Lol, here's how i can help you out with the goggles. I'm in need of a hair cut and so a cheap one would be right up my alley. So you hook that up, i'll suss her out after a good three or four appointments and we'll see from there.
on Sep 12, 2005
After a few appointments?!? Man... the way things are going at the moment, we'll be married by then!

I can't believe how perfect it all seems! I have purposefully been very subjective in the past when thinking about relationships. I know what I want and need and I certainly know what I don't want. That list alone is huge So i'm a bit concerned that I haven't seen anything to make me second-guess the situation besides the point that she is open, unknowing and undecided on what happens when you die. She feels that there might be 'something' out there but I don't think she's really been given the opportunity to explore that kind of thing before. Emily was interested to know what my birthdate was so that she could check starsign compatibility and stuff like that, but I told her I didn't believe in that kind of thing.

Really, that's about the only thing that stands out at the moment, and with the way I'm currently feeling about my beliefs, I think we are in similar places of unknowingness. And who knows... it could all be part of His plan at the moment. I wouldn't really know. We haven't spoken in a while.

I just can't shake this feeling of it being so right. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I'm not scared at all in the way I usually am with relationships. I dont want to ever run and hide. There is no fear, only something like insanely anxious anticipation of the fantastic things to come.

We are most definitely in love with each other.
on Sep 12, 2005
Wow! I am excited for you just reading this.

I think fall romances are the best
on Sep 12, 2005
So maybe just two appointments?
on Sep 21, 2005
After talking IRL, maybe there will onnly be time for one appointment.
on Sep 21, 2005
You sound absolutely enthralled...I say, "Carpe Diem". (seize the day)

Always take your shot at happiness...

(Now to steal Trinitie's idea )
*puts in CD*
(Barry White, baby )
"When we met, it wasn't quite clear to me, what you had in store was there for only. Surely you took me by surprise, when I looked I saw that message in your eyes."

on Sep 21, 2005
Thanks for your comments everyone! It's almost a month now and things are still awesome.. aside from us both suffering decent cases of sleep deprivation. We're taking a 'catch up on sleep' over the next few days which should hopefully see us lose our cold symptoms as well.

Seizing the day and acting without hesitation are pretty much the secret to my success so far, Zoo. I can sure see my ticket to happiness and i'm grabbing on to it with all available limbs

on Oct 13, 2005
When do we get to see some photos??
on Oct 17, 2005
good luck my good man... don't get too gaga... keep grounded and i am sure everything will work out!
on Nov 15, 2005
Finally getting that hair cut, it should be interesting
on Nov 21, 2005
wayne's in luuuurrrveee!!! congrats wayne, i'm sure she's as weird as you, but weird = good! when should we do the double date thingy?