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No time for sleeping!
Published on February 29, 2004 By Theophilus Thistler In Current Events

Well! I must say it was a bit of a mission getting through this weekend but I made it through to here, the tail end of Sunday, safe and sound! 

Friday was pretty cruisy and, after the crappy time I had on Thursday, it was very welcome indeed. I worked on my car for a few hours doing some fiddly sanding things and getting things pretty much perfect for the final primer coat. The top coat of colour should be started this Thursday. I can't believe how much time we've spent on this car getting things right and to my liking. An insane amount of hours and I stopped counting the cash a long time ago. I just keep track of the hours my mate Skipp spends working on it so I can pay him accordingly. I suppose... awesome things come to those who wait. It will have been over 12 months in the making by the time I get it rolling again. One year since I've driven my baby on the road! I plan on keeping it 'forever'. It'll be worth it. 

Friday night was pretty wicked. I spent the night out with my brother Stuart and his girlfriend Heidi. A bit of food here, a few drinks there, a few photos and a couple of games of pool riddled with interesting conversation making for a tops evening. Heidi is a great girl. Very well suited to my brother. She can see through his big, tough and sometimes grumbly exterior to the soft teddy bear inside. She is the first girlfriend I've ever met of his. I'm not even sure if he's had a serious relationship before. With the three of us, it makes it easier for us to spend some quality time together without bitching and wrestling each other around the place. I like that. Finally we're become mates and not just brothers.

Here's a pic of the three of us that night, my brother acting as he usually does for photos.

Saturday morning came waaayyyy to early for me considering it was a weekend. We were all up, dressed to kill, and down at Caloundra (Shelly Beach) by 7:15am for the wedding of one of our best mates since we were kids, Kristi Bradshaw. She was married to Cameron Roach in perfect weather, joined by the company of about 150 guests. There was a bit of a sea breeze and frangipanni flowers EVERYWHERE. Everything looked fantastic, the Bride and Bridesmaids were just gorgeous, the beach backdrop was magic and the old VW Bug convertible wedding procession suited the new couple's personalities down to the ground. The vows were customised and very fitting, our childhood (& my current) Pastor was the celebrant, the dress was hand made by Maz (wife of Skipp who provided all the plants) and both pairs of parents were proud as punch and predictably emotional. My Dad, who drove the Bridesmaids, was tearing up almost as soon as he arrived. What is it with Poulton's being such big softies?

Before it all got too warm, we all headed down to Rydges Oasis Resort for the reception and frenzied feeding. The breakfast was absolutely primo with eggs benedict, scrambled egg, cheesy tomato slices, leg ham, bacon, mini sausages, french toast, pancakes, various mini Danishes, fruit and yoghurt. The cake was a White Chocolate mud cake with oodles of pure shaved white choc added liberally over the top if the icing. A variety of juices, delightful coffee and, of course, tea were also on offer. The waiter and waitresses kept us fully stocked with all these while speeches, toasts and things were done with us munching away relentlessly. Until about 11:30! I had a light snack that night but didn't have to eat until lunchtime today. The speeches were very well planned, spoken and presented but aside from the Groom's Father getting a little choked up, nobody cried behind the microphone. The Bride's mother didn't make a speech for this sole reason I don't think I have ever seen such an ecstatic, God honouring couple in my life. They were, and still are, such an example of what a solid Christian relationship should be and how it should develop. I'm so lucky to have their great influence in my life.

At about 1pm, the guys were finally ready to drive to Brisbane airport and hop on a plane, setting off to Bali for two weeks. After they left, dragging TP, streamers, ribbons, balloons and a multitude of tin cans down the street, we all got in our casual kit and lazed around the nice pool for the afternoon. We were sipping cocktails and import beers but nobody even looked like they were a little too 'merry'. The day went off without a hitch. It was so perfect.

That night, I went to a friend's 21st party out at Mudjimba. The party wasn't anywhere near as kickin' as the birthday girl had planned. Not only did hardly anyone turn up, but the computer with all the MP3s on it died just before I got there. They knocked off some finger food and had a few drinks while I played darts and chatted to her family I hadn't met before. I couldn't go home knowing that she'd had a lame party so I took her and her two best friends in to Mooloolaba and showed them a good time. They really enjoyed themselves so I was stoked. How much would it suck to look back and remember your 21st party as being lame? Glad I could help and it was definitely appreciated.

We all got home pretty late and stayed up chatting for a while as we listened to JJJ Mixup until about 5:30am. We crashed out but were woken at about 8:30am by her Dad who dropped by for a visit. So much for a sleep-in. We watched The Wedding Singer because I love Adam Sandler and then I went home.

I was just about to hop into bed when I got a phone call from my mate Tanya, one of the Bridesmaids. She needed to get to Brisbane airport to fly back to Mt Isa that arvo. Even though I was in serious need of some sleep, I was glad to help her out. Anyone who knows me will know I prefer to socialise rather than sleep. My body will get enough sleep when I'm dead! We got to have a good long catch-up chat on the way down. We made it with plenty of time to spare. 

After seeing her off, I dashed off into The Valley to check out the Sunday Markets with Tegan's sister Raimey, Natho, Bronnie, Cara and a few others. While I almost bought a Monkey Magic air freshener, I did manage to pick up a very hard to find CD that I've been after for about three years! And it was only ten bux! "Primal Scream - XTRMNTR" I had sooo much fun hanging out with those guys. They're all so awesome and genuine. Unlike most of my friends here, they don't care what other people might think if they see them mucking about. They just have fun. With Strong Bad and Space Ghost quotes aplenty, these and many other things had us laffin' it up all arvo. I watched them & their team play a very impressive game of indoor soccer while battling the Sleep Dep. Demons who were wreaking havoc on my eyelids until I got home tonight. They didn't manage to snag a win but they played a great game all the same. The fancy footwork of a soccer player is definitely a must-see! I didn't get to see Tegan today as she was at home, but I imagine that she had plenty to do in preparation for starting back at Uni again this week and stuff. I hope you do really well this year Teegs but you seem to be a natural at this journalism thing so I don't think you'll have any probs!

After the game, and a bit more muckin' about, it was time for me to split. Raimey very graciously gave me a lift back to my car and I headed home via my mates workplace, Nomad Turkish Bread. He loaded me up with some freshly baked bread and told me some great news about him and another mate of mine but I wont go into details. 

A live set from Moloko and then The Resin Dogs on JJJ kept me bright-eyed for most of the way home. The rest of the way was a little interesting as I battled nodding off to sleep. A stop here, a stop there and I was home, safe, in no time. I had missed Church so I went and had tea with Pia at Mooloolaba Surf Club. She works there so we got a great deal on the Roast Buffet and we pigged out till we were full as boots! It's a very nice venue. Very open plan and modern looking restaurant and bar areas. I recommend it to anyone. I am told all the food is just as, or even more tasty than the meal we ate tonight. The tender honey carrots and crispy baked potato were just divine, not to mention the mushroom gravy sauce!

With me being filled to eloquent sufficiency, I was outta there and on my way home for some much needed rest. Now that I've checked my email and told you guys about my epic weekend.... I'm going to crash.

Remember Kids! You don't need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.

Wayne d

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