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April 3, 2005 by Theophilus Thistler
Some cold-hearted, ignorant, egotistical butt-munches need to be slapped in the face with a bunch of cold fish by a legion of foot soldiers. Twice.

That is all.
October 5, 2004 by Theophilus Thistler
What a shame!

One of the guys I grew up listening and laughing to, and still do on occasion, has died after having troubles recently with his heart. Best known for his gags involving the line "I dont get no respect!", he has been in and out of the entertainment/comedy industry since he was 19. Countless appearances on the Tonight Show, SNL, Johnny Carson and numerous movies such as National Lampoon's Caddyshack , Adam Sandler's 'Little Nicky' plus a standout role in Oliver Stone's Natural Bor...
June 4, 2004 by Theophilus Thistler
Owie! Stingy! Bad Hurty! My head feels so bad... like there's a bus load of prisoners from a hard labour camp drilling and bashing their way out from inside my head. I hope this goes away pronto! I have stuff to do tomorrow....

Like GO TO TEEGSTAR'S 21st BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!! Uber-W00tness!!!!

It'll be radtacular! I can't wait! I'm not in the best frame of mind right now but I just wish Miss Teegstar all the best for the next 48hours... I reckon we'll be partying about that long Well I hop...
May 26, 2004 by Theophilus Thistler
Tinkering around the rolling expanses of the Internet this morning, I found this interestingly creepy story that grabbed my attention. It seems that a team of surgeons and researchers from the University of Louisville are currently applying to perform the first live human face transplant. Upon approval, they will begin to search and screen for prospective patients for the procedure which will take up to 36 hours in total and just reminds me of that tops movie Face/Off with John Travolta and Nich...
March 17, 2004 by Theophilus Thistler
I was just offered a job in I.T. and I accepted.

I've been thinking about it for a while and it's like the perfect work scenario for me in many ways. Now I just have to figure out the logistics of getting myself down there a.s.a.p.! At the risk of sounding like a happy-clapper... Praise the Lord! Actually... I don't care. I never usually have this much luck... ever. The help i'm getting must be devine. 

The amount of good stuff that has happened to me in the last week is unbelievable... an...
February 29, 2004 by Theophilus Thistler
Well! I must say it was a bit of a mission getting through this weekend but Imade it through to here, the tail end of Sunday, safe and sound! 

Friday was pretty cruisy and, after the crappy time I had on Thursday, it wasvery welcome indeed. I worked on my car for a few hours doing some fiddlysanding things and getting things pretty much perfect for the final primer coat.The top coat of colour should be started this Thursday. I can't believehow much time we've spent on this car getting t...
February 11, 2004 by Theophilus Thistler
I'm a bit peeved today about this country's judicial system. I often am surprised and angered to hear how someone got away almost scot-free for drink-driving while in control of a bus full of school children or that someone tripped and fell into a bus shelter and is charged with violent behaviour and damage to public property or some crap like that. The decisions some Judges make truly amazes me. But today I was plain ticked off!

On the weekend, at Heaven Nightclub in Adelaide, five females ...
January 22, 2004 by Theophilus Thistler
Strong Bad!!! ur are a funy guy!I made a promise and now I'm delivering. An EXCLUSIVEEXPOSÉ that could quite possibly save... AWORLD in CRISIS!

Back in my pizza delivery days, when I used to spendalmost all my spare time on the internet or driving around in my car, I was sentthis Shockwave file from a friend over IRC (InternetRelay Chat for those not in the know).It was called fhqwhgads.swfand I was met with a range of emotions from confusion and bewilderment, to surpriseand fascination. W...