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September 7, 2005 by Theophilus Thistler
Well Hello There!

I'm alive and have to work in 4 hours but things could never have been better. Ever, I think.

I got my hair cut last tuesday by a gorgeous girl named Emily. I was in the salon over three hours. We spoke for most of that. It was the easiest conversation I'd had with a stranger, ever. And this was a girl. And this was my vision of reality perfection. Absolutely beautiful.

Black haired beauty, alt/indie princess who (because she is a world class hairdresser) has a funky ...
September 29, 2004 by Theophilus Thistler
Walking down the street you almost break your neck as you see some young pretty little thing wearing what could best be described as an early version of the bikini. Midriff showing, bare back, big boots or heels, boobs bouncing all about… and the skirt!… or should I say belt?

You all know who I’m talking about. They are affectionately known as skanks, ho’s, white trash, porn stars and probably other names as well, but I don’t really want to dwell on it. The kind of girl that your eyes are pos...
July 12, 2004 by Theophilus Thistler
BAH! I can't believe the stuff I let myself do or not do, just to get along with people. The places I go, the things I miss out on and the stuff I give just to keep things running smoothly in my mostly hopefully (but usually hardly) perfect life.

For starters, late Friday afternoon I get a call from my boss' wife saying "Hi Wayne. We won't need you to come in next week to work for us. We have nothing for you to do. Is that ok?" "Sure, sure, that's fine. That'll be cool." I say without even gi...
May 4, 2004 by Theophilus Thistler
I had a great day today. I was trying to sleep for most of the daylighthours but constant encouraging SMS messages and electricians installing airconditioners kept waking me up. No matter. It was a great surprise thisafternoon to find that my brother had invited a few friends over for a BBQtonight. Not everyone that I wished could attend was able to.. some didn't evenknow about it until I found out myself and rang them. Still... the ones thatcould come made me feel spesh and gave me some hilari...
March 16, 2004 by Theophilus Thistler
I was just mowing the lawn today and ponderingly pondering a few things... One was "Why am I such a perfectionist at times?"

For example... I have been in the process of restoring my car for near on 12 months now. It still isn't finished to my liking and there is still a little way to go. Also... the lawn looks like it has been prepped for a reality television show. It looks a pretty picture. I snipped, pruned, mowed, weeded and groomed for over half the day today. We don't have a huge yard...